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How to make Sheera / Rava Sheera / Suji Halwa / Rava Dessert / Prasadacha Sheera / Indian Sweet

Sheera - Rava Dessert - Indian Dessert
Sheera - Rava Dessert - Indian Dessert
Sheera or Rava Dessert is a very popular item in India and made during any auspicious occasion like Pooja / Marriage and many more.

Please do try this real quick recipe and share your pics and feedback too.

1 bowl of rava / sooji
1/2 bowl of clarified butter ( Ghee )
1 bowl of sugar. You can use less if you want it less sweet
2 bowl of water ( generally its twice the amount of sooji )
Almonds or Cashews  and Saffron for garnishing

1. Please pan on medium heat and add the rava. Roast it by stirring for around 4 - 5 minutes. In the meantime, take the water in another pan and keep it to boil.
2. Once the sooji / rava is roasted, it will change its color slightly. Now, slowly add the clarified butter till all the rava is wet. Keep roasting it for another 2- 3 minutes till it starts to give out aroma.
3. Add the boiling water and mix well. The rava / sooji will puff up by absorbing all the water.
4. Add the sugar and mix well. Keep stirring.
5. After about 2 minutes, the sooji will be thick and start to form lumps.
6. Sheera / Rava Dessert is Ready. Add the saffron ( use saffron with warm milk ) and the nuts.
7. Serve hot.

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