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Amrakhand - Srikhand - Flavored Yogurt Recipe

Amrakhand - Mango Dessert - Srikhand
Amrakhand - Mango Dessert - Srikhand
This is one of the most famous and sought after dessert in Maharashtra - India. Popular 
during the summers as that's when you get fresh mangoes, but you can always substitute mangoes with any fruit of your choice.

3 cups of thick yogurt.
Normally, the process is to take the regular yogurt, pour it on the muslin cloth and then let it drain out the water overnight. However, if you don't have that much preparation time, you can also use plain Greek yogurt.

1 cup of sugar
1 cup of fresh or canned mango pulp
A few crushed pistachios or almonds

Recipe :
1. Add all the ingredients in a big bowl.
2. Whisk this mixture with egg beater or a regular hand whipper
3. Once the consistency is thick, add the nuts and your dessert is ready !

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