Cauliflower Rice - Low Carb Recipe - Jeera Rice Recipe - Low Carb Rice Recipe

Cauliflower Rice - Low Card Recipe - Jeera Rice Recipe - Low Carb Rice Recipe
Cauliflower has very less carbs as compared to rice. With this recipe, you can make the low carb jeera rice which goes with any curry or just by itself too. Moreover this can be enjoyed by diabetics. Add any meat to this to make your favorite Chicken Recipe or Pork , Seafood too !!
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3    tsp Clarified Butter / Ghee
3    tsp Cumin Seeds
2    tsp Coriander
1    Medium Size Grated Cauliflower
Salt - As per taste

1. Keep your pan on medium heat.
2. Once pan is hot, add clarified butter or ghee.
3. Now add cumin seeds and mix it for few seconds.
4. Add grated cauliflower. Keep the pan on high heat. We want to sear the cauliflower from outside and leave it a bit crunchy,
5. Mix it well and let it cook for few minutes.
6. Now add coriander 
7. Add salt just before serving so that cauliflower does not give out moisture.

1. You can also use food processor to grind the cauliflower. Just chop it grainy, do not puree it.

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