Turmeric Latte Recipe - Golden Milk Recipe - Haldi Doodh Recipe

Turmeric Latte Recipe - Golden Milk Recipe - Haldi Doodh Recipe

Turmeric, the Yellow Spice is one of the most fragrant and Medicinal Spice. Turmeric Latte has been enjoyed in Indian homes for centuries and has taken the world by surprise on how healthy and beneficial it is. Try this spiced recipe and do share your feedback. Turmeric is beneficial for inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, sore throat, cough and cold and even tonsils.

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1        Cup milk
1.5     tsp milk
5-6     Cloves
1        Cardomom
1        tsp Sugar
few strands of saffron 

1. Keep your pan on medium heat.
2. Once pan is hot, add milk, spices.
3. Stir it well. Let the spices gives out aroma. 
4. Bring it to boil. Now add saffron strands.
5. Now add turmeric powder, mix it well. Let the milk come to another boil. 
one more time.
6. Lastly, add sugar. You can also add honey or sweetener (1/4 tsp).
7. Strain and serve hot.

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