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Dabeli Recipe, Kacchi Dabeli Recipe

Dabeli Recipe
This one is very popular street food from parts of India like Gujarat, Mumbai-Maharashtra.
This mouthwatering dish is originated from Kutch-Gujrat, made up of potato stuffing inside bread/dinner rolls and decorated with sev and pomegranate.

1 Onion
1 Mashed Potato
2 tsp Dabeli Masala
1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
2-3 tsp Tamarind-Jaggery-Dates Paste
2-3 tsp Coriander
2-3 tsp Pomegranate
1.5 tsp butter
5-6 Dinner Rolls
2-3 tbsp Spicy & Roasted Peanuts
Salt: As per taste
Sev: For Decoration
Tamaring-Jaggery-Dates Paste: For Dipping

For Tempering:
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
2-3 tsp Vegetable Oil

1. Keep you pan on medium heat and add oil to that.
2. Once oil is hot, add cumin seeds.
3. Add Onions and let is cook till they become transparent.
4. Add dabeli masala, red chilli powder followed mashed potato.
5. Add tamanrind-jaggery-dates paste.
6. Now add salt, coriander, mix it well and our dish is ready.
7. Spread the mixture on plate. Decorate it with spicy and roasted peanuts,pomegranate, sev.
Dabeli Masala Recipe
Dabeli Stuffing
Final Product:
1. Cut the dinner rolls from middle.
2. Apply butter from all sides and roast it for few seconds.
3. Apply tamarind-jaggery-dates paste from inside.
4. Now put out stuffing followed by spicy & roasted peanuts and pomegranate
5. Close the dinner rolls and again roast it for few seconds.
6. Dip it in tamarind-jaggery-dates paste and then dip it in sev and serve it hot.

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