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Roasted Groundnut Powder - Shengdana Koot

shengdanyache koot
Shengdana Koot - Peanut Powder
Roasted Groundnut Powder ( a.k.a Shengdana Koot ) is an essential ingredient in many of the Maharashtrian recipes. This quick recipe / process will help you make it at home, quick and easy. It can be used to make various chutney or even in Sabudana Khichdi.  

Peanuts - There is no such quantity for peanuts. You can take as much as your pan allows you   to take :) 

1 Take large pan and keep it on low heat.
2 Put all your groundnuts in the pan.
3 Keep stirring the groundnuts just to avoid the burning.  
4 Keep doing the same for 5-8 minutes (This time may very depending upon the quantity of ground nuts). 
5 After few minutes, check whether your groundnuts are roasted properly. To check, just take one ground nut, let it cool for few seconds and if skin comes out easily, then your ground nuts are ready for step number 2.  
6 Next step is to grind the ground nuts. Please make sure to cool the ground nuts at room temperature because if you grind them when they are hot, the powder will become soggy.  
7 After grinding our 'Ground Nut Powder' will be ready.  

1. Can be used in many of the Maharashtrian cuisines.  
2. Many people use this as one of the key ingredients in all the dishes made for 'Upwas'.

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