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1000+ Views on Youtube !!!

Hi All !!

I am so happy to let you all know that one of my videos have gained more than 30000 views. I started my YouTube channel as a genuine effort to share my recipes, and am overwhelmed with the response and support I got. Thank you so much !!

Chutney Sandwich - Quick Snack Recipe

how to make sandwiches
Chutney Sandwiches are loved by all.  Its a quick , easy and healthy snack , an awesome addition to a party, or a picnic or even as a quick lunch in office ! Please do let me know your feedback too ! -

3 to 4 Bread slices
1/2 to 1 tsp Salted Butter to apply on bread
3-4 tsp Chutney to apply on bread slices
10-12 Cucumber Slices
5-6 Tomato Slices

1. Take 2 bread slices and apply butter on one side of each slice.
2. Then apply chutney on bread slices where you applied butter.
3. Now place slices of cucumber and tomato on chutney.
3. Keep both slices on one another and our sandwich is ready.

1. Very healthy and can be made within few minutes.
2. Quick break fast item.
3. You can also skip cucumber and tomato slices to make it a simple, plain 'Chutney Sandwich'.
4. People's favorite. Just decorate it with Ketchup like I did ;) and believe me, your children will love it.

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