Amazing Garlic Shrimp Recipe - Buttery Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Amazing Garlic Shrimp Recipe - Buttery Garlic Shrimp Recipe
Try this super easy and quick Garlic Shrimp Recipe. Butter and Lots of Garlic adds the richness and aroma to the soft succulent shrimps. You can have it as-is or serve with a slice of bread. I used Coriander but you can also use Parsley or Oregano in the recipe to add a different flavor to it. Please do share your feedback. Happy Cooking
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2-3     tsp oil
7-8     Chopped carlic
5        tbsp butter
20-25 Shrimp pieces
4        tbsp coriander
5        tbsp lemon juice
1/4     tsp salt

1. Keep your pan on high heat.
2. Once pan is hot, add oil and let it start to smoke a bit.
3. Add shrimp, garlic and butter.
4. Shrimp cooks really fast. Keep stirring it and notice how it changes it's color.
5. Now add coriander. You can also add parsley or oregano instead of coriander.
6. Let it cook for couple of minutes.
7. Lastly add lemon juice and 1/4 tsp salt
8. Stir and serve it hot.

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