Masala Papad Chaat - Addictive Snack !!! - Must Try Recipe

Masala Papad. Can you control the Addiction ?
Masala Papad. Can you control the Addiction ?
This addictive recipe will keep you coming for more. Try it once and you will keep making it again and again. You can have it as a snack , or as a starter :) Do share your feedback too. Thanks and for more such delicious recipes, keep watching Sayali's Kitchen !
Note : This recipe can cause food addiction. So ensure you stock up on the ingredients.

4-5 Fried Papad
1 Onions
1 Tomatoes
Shev: For Garnishing
Red chili powder
Tamarind-Dates-Jaggery Paste
Note: There is no specific proportion of ingredients in this recipe. Just use the proportion as per your liking.You can also use tortilla instead of papad.

1. Take fried papad on plate.
2. Sprinkle red chili powder on it.
3. Now add onions, followed by tomatoes.
4. Add paste of tamarind-dates-jaggery and yogurt on top of it.
5. Decorate it with shev and coriander and our dish is ready.

1. Very very popular starter item in almost all restaurants.
2. Can be made quickly.
3. Very delicious and addictive snack :)

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